If you are really feeling light-headed, have upper body pain, abrupt hearing loss, sweating, queasiness, basic sick sensation, swelling in your hands, uneven pulsation, abrupt eyesight reduction, lack of breath, ringing in your ears, or eyesight adjustments, see to it your medical professional is informed, as those are hazardous negative side effects of Sildenafil that call for instant health care focus.

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Clients with pre-existing eye troubles should be mindful when making use of Sildenafil, as there is a risk they could establish some eye problems that may or could not be associated with Sildenafil therapy.

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Some moderate negative side effects are at times reported by patients taking Sildenafil, however they are mostly transient.

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The typical dosage of Sildenafil is from 25 to 100 mg: it should be taken regarding half a hr before the sexual intercourse.